We cover everything regarding growing marijuana starting with a complete A-Z 10-step guide to take you from beginner level to expert.

Even as a beginner, you can quickly scale to a full greenhouse grow operation in no time at all. Having the full guides below help a lot. But cannabis   basically grows like a week do you don’t have to be perfect to get amazing pot! Sit back, read the guides and get going!

Our complete Guide to Growing Cannabis Like an Expert

This guide walks you through all 10 parts of being an expert cannabis farmer. You can enter a section that interest you from our home page or from our marijuana guide here.

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Choosing the Right Strains

Marijuana has many strains, and therefore seeds should be selected based on the desired results you’re looking for. Check this section out to learn how to pick the right strains/seeds.

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Setting up your Grow Space

Many fine tents are available online. If you have access to a large space already, awesome. Let us help you set it up. We cover the best rooms and setups for your grow facility.

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Propagation – How to Grow from Seeds or Clone from a Plant

Whether you are growing from a seed or cutting off a stem from an existing plant, propagation is a massive part of the grow process and you have to do it right.

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Air Flow – Controlling the Intake and the Exhaust is Vital to a Successful Grow

It’s vital to have fresh air flow and a proper exhaust system. The best grow environment includes warm, tropical, clean air.  You also have to know how to get that delicious stink out!

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Let there be light! How to Choose Proper Grow Lights

Good light is right there at the top of the list with air flow, nutrients, and water. You must have proper lighting to get the best possible yield. More light = Bigger yield!

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Nutrients, Water & Fertilizer for The Highest Yielding Harvests

We know that if we want to grow big and strong, we need vitamins and food & water. Same principal for our plants. Learn the right mixtures to get the best results.

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Monitoring Your Plants Vegetative Growth

You have done everything to get started. Awesome. Monitor the plants and regulate light (16-18 Hours) and water. While in the vegetative stage, check for bugs and treat as needed.

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The Flowering Stage – You’re Blooming!

At this stage, your plants will begin to produce buds and its vital to provide light for only 12 hours per day. Separating the males and females can increase yields.

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When Should You Harvest? It’s Pretty Easy to Tell

Flowering lasts about 2 or 3 months and once the plants are ripe, they will be brown and hard and smell strong. This section shows you when to harvest with some expert suggestions.

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How to Trim, Dry and Cure your Cannabis

Woo! The best part! This section covers using small scissors to separate the leaves from the buds and buds from plants. Properly trimming and drying is super important to quality.

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