Best 2020 Weed Pens & THC Vape Pens

We just examined the numerous available weed pens, THC pens, and dab pens in the market and developed a simple list to help you select the best vape pen for your enjoyment and therapeutic purposes. We evaluated a variety of factors for each weed pen: style, cost, quality, the various option of cartridge size and concentration, reviews of clients, and so forth, and these are honestly the best available vape pens.

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So start reading below, choose your pen, and begin vaping.


DaVinci MiQro Vaporizer Best Dry Herb Vaporizer 

Possibly the most superior available vaporizer-certainly, among the best dry herb vaporizer if not excellent in the market. Its polished shape is among its features since it makes the vaporizer feel differently from a vaporizer, but more of an advancement in technology. It measures 91″ x 1.34″ x 3.13 and weighs under 25 pounds. You can buy it with five different colors, and the front has a sweeping arc LED display with the side having the control buttons.

Besides, when it concerns reviewing the various types of dry herb vaporizers, it’s quality wields superiority. Additionally, this vaporizer has all your desired features: temperature regulators, in-built picking tool, and the device displaying more than 70 notifications when you switch it off. The list below contains its complete features.

Major features:

– 1ML Capacity Refillable Pod

– Air triggered (No power switch)

– The dual flow of air with an air carb

– 8 Second Auto-Shut Off

– Leak-Proof Pod Design with No Spit-Back

– Universal Micro-USB Charging Port

– LED Battery Indicator

– Handmade Designed/Intended for DTL Inhale Use (Direct to Lung)

– Designed & made in the USA

– Lifetime Warranty (Battery)

Kandypens Crystal Best Dab Wax Vaporizer

Vaping 360 and vaping critics report that in 2019, various outlets awarded The Kandypens Crystal Black the best Best Dab Pen-and we can attest, this is an excellent vaporizer. It has an ultra-sleek and compact design (just 10cm long) with a two-click sesh mode element. All Kandypen vaporizers are handmade and have a perpetual warranty (made in the USA for you not to buy the Chinese replicas).

It was hard to choose between #1 (DaVinci MiQro) and this vaporizer because of a slight distinction. However, you wouldn’t be wrong were you to opt for the Crystal Black. The brand has proper recognition, and popular-so your pen will have a significant service. The list below contains the full features of this pen:

Major features

– future Sub-Ohm Essential Oil Vaporizer

– constructed with medical standard Medical Electro-Plated Stainless Steel

– fully Quartz Crystal Glass Atomizer (without coil)

– Various battery voltage (2.6V, 3.0V, 3.6V, 4.2V)

– 900 mAh Sub-Ohm Battery

– Glass Mouthpiece w/ Splash-Guard (2)

– Micro-USB Pass-Through Charging

Pulsar APX V2 Vape Pen Weed Pen

The Pulsar APX 2 portable dry herb vaporizer is an improved type of the first APX. This upgraded version is very smooth and a suitable portable machine, whose size is 4 inches. It has an upgraded mouthpiece, and vapor way. A 1600 mAh battery powers it, has five preset heat regulators ranging from 356°F to 425°F, and heat duration of 30 seconds. Its battery life is longer, making it to be better than other available dry herb vaporizers. It is simple to operate and not expensive.


-An easy to use interface

– Very-lightweight

– Preset heat settings

– Auto turn off feature

– Upgraded mouthpiece

– Longer battery life.


– It only works with dry herbs.

Major features:

– Newest Model (Version 2)

– 5 Preset Temperatures (356°F, 374°F, 392°F, 410°F, and 428°F)

– Convection type of heating

– 1-year guarantee

– Improved Silicone Vapor Path

– 30 Second fast Heating

– New interface controls

Mig Vapor WASP Wax Air THC Vape Pen

The simplicity and portability of the WASP make it attractive. There’s so much in such a compact appliance. Designed to any lifestyle, indeed, any category of concrete vapes won’t be disappointed with the ultra-thin feature of WASP and its state-of-the-art carborundum coils surrounding 316 stainless wires.

In addition to the great look of WASP, its performance surpasses the competition. Since it can vape concentrates, your vaping needs will have no additional requirements. Each section of the WASP, from the Green MV Diamond button to the ego charging port, has the highest quality design.

Considering its simplicity, the ultra-compact WASP is indispensable for a portable vaper. It has a unique control board for producing full watt and fast charging duration of 1-2 hours. You have endless control, vape duration, and enjoyment. The carborundum is steady, resists acid slag and oxidation, has no meltdown or decay, and has a cool steam temperature.

Best Vape Pen Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer gear

The Dr. Dabber Ghost vape pen is the original oil and wax low-heat vaporizer pen. Our Titanium technique slowly heats to the desired temperature, instead of becoming red-hot on contact. This removes the burned, electric taste related to vaporizer pens, guaranteeing your waxes or oils’ enjoyment. The ghost gear contains everything to kickstart you, such as silicone storage ball, USB charger, loading implement, and an additional titanium atomizer replacement.

G Pen Nova Weed Oil Pen & Dry Herb Vaporizer

Grenco Science, vaporization technology leader, has announced releasing the G Pen Nova, a new mobile vaporizer designed to use both concentrates and ground substances. A robust vaporizer that fits the pocket, suitable for mobile individuals, the G Pen Nova has an advanced battery and dual-utilization tank to offer various vaporization alternatives for both beginners and connoisseurs.

Flexible with a factor of sleek shape, the G Pen Nova Battery has 300mAh power and a system of variable voltage with three adjustments for easy and smooth operation, and extended draw status. Besides, the Nova battery functions will all cartridges with threads and have a pass-through charge through micro-USB.

The dual-function G Pen Nova Tank, which features a ceramic heating element and quartz bowl, heats equally, resulting in exquisite tastes in both its intended purposes (ground substances and concentrates). The mouthpiece has a conveniently built ceramic loading/stirring device, allowing users to directly place concentrates into the holder and spread ground material to ensure consistent vaporization.

With its fierce and calculated collaboration within the sector, Grenco Science remains competitive in designing and manufacturing vapers, offering affordable products to benefit the users. The latest forefront product of this vision is the G Pen Nova.

Best Weed Vape Pen KandyPens Rubi Vape Pen

Awarded the 2018 Vape Guide’s “Best Oil Vape,” the KandyPens Rubi is undeniably a competitor. With the creative design and OCELL ceramic coil technique, temperature control, and very compact size (just 4 inches tall), awaiting patenting, this vape pen has many impressive fronts.


– 1ML Capacity Refillable Pod

– Activated with Air (No power switch)

– The double flow of air with an air carb

– 8 Second Auto-Shut Off

– The leak-Proof-the pod is designed to prevent spit-back

– Universal Micro-USB Charging Port

– LED Battery Indicator

– Handmade Designed/Intended for DTL Inhale Use (Direct to Lung)

– created & made in the USA

– perpetual battery warranty

Pax 3 Dry Herb + THC Concentrate Oil Vape Pen

Presented as a full kit, the Pax 3 has a limited 10-year warranty. Its battery life of 8-10 sessions per charge is excellent. It is adjustable with temperature settings of 60+ and warms extremely fast within 22 seconds- the best heat-up time in this class.

Besides, it has advanced technology, with vibration notifications, the ability to connect through Bluetooth, and additional controls with the Mobile app of the PAX. Additionally, the full kit contains a concentrate insert, half pack oven lid, multi-tool, and three displays.

Best Vape Pen Mig Vapor Canna Blast Vape Pen

The Canna Blast is the original Pyrex Glass thick oils vape pen whose ceramic coil system is patented. You can be guaranteed that this vape system will always provide an excellent vaping experience. The Canna Blast and its 1.2-ohm coil were intended for thick oil use. The unique CCell technique will blow you with superiority and functionality.

Bliss by Dosist Precision Dose THC & CBD Vape Pen

A THC-forward formula balanced in a proportion of 9:1, with CBD supported by uplifting terpenes like a- and β-pinene and terpinolene. The pre-filled dose pen™ provides more than 200 doses (2.25mg per dose) and guarantees each session’s exact dose.

Full of CBD: the abundant CBD proportions boost the health advantages and regulate intoxication. Often, there is the predictability of formulas and doses.

Designed scientifically: in-depth knowledge and awareness of the cannabis plant, traditional application of medicines from cannabis, cannabinoid therapeutics, and the differences in the functions and relationships between the ECS are used to develop the Dosist’s method.

User certified: all concoctions pass through extensive user tests. Our Dosist formulas promise satisfaction.

Laboratory tested: during the process of extraction, Dosist conducts three tests, and examines the final products, to ensure the products are accurate, uniform, and are not contaminated.

Bliss by Dosist is more interesting because it does not have fillers.

Best Weed Vape Pen o2Vape Premium Oil Vape Pen gear

O2VAPE is merchandising their 3.7v button triggered vape pen due to popular demand. They’ve nailed it! No burnt flavor. Big draws. Long-lived. Available in Stainless Steel, Rugged Black, or the new Rugged Gray!

It has simple operation, simply fast click the button five times, which powers it off or on. Simply draw for approximately 8 seconds after turning on. For those interested in numbers, it has a 3.7 v and 350 MaH battery. The premium kit of this fantastic oil vape contains a USB charger, glass cartridge, car adapter, and fashionable case.


– 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery

– Award-Winning Wickless Ceramic Vape Cartridge

– 3.7v button activated vape pen

– 350 mAH for perfect size and battery life mix


What Are Weed Pens?

Sometimes, weed pens are called pen vaporizers and are devices that are pocket-fitting, designed to provide a mobile method of vaping when you are on the go or when at home. Although there is desktop vaporizers’ availability, vape-pens are very user-friendly, cheap, and hidden because of their small size, battery functionality, and refillable make.

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