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How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your Body

How Long Does Cannabis Stay in the Urine and Blood?

When you work, you sometimes shave to undergo drug testing. You need to know how long cannabis stays in the urine and the blood. The answer here is a complicated one which we detail here.

You can detect cannabis around 1-30 days in the blood after you have taken it so that it can stay in your system for a long time. This depends upon the testing method that one uses, how frequently you use cannabis, and how much you last used.

If hair testing is the testing method you use, cannabis can be detected several months after you used it last. If you use marijuana frequently, then the longer it will take for the drug to leave your system. If you use it daily, then tests will detect it even if months have passed since the last usage. If the hair testing method is used, then it may be detected up to 90 days after the previous use.

Marijuana Hair Testing Method

The good news is that the hair testing method isn’t widely used. The standard options include blood, urine, and saliva tests. The tests don’t just measure cannabis but the metabolites as well, which are produced as a by-product of cannabis. They stay in the system long after you have consumed marijuana. You should understand the measurements of cannabis, such as how much is in a gram if you want to have an accurate test. Here is a little bit about the various testing scenarios used to detect cannabis.

Urine Test

Here we look at all the different testing scenarios that you might encounter so you can have the best idea of how long weed stays in your system. If you use pot chronically and quite often, the urine test will detect it up to 30 days in your body. If you use it moderately daily, then it’s detected up to 15 days. If you use it a few times per week, then detection is up to 7 days. Those that use it three days a week or less can expect it to last around three days in the system. The urine test is the type commonly used by employers. This method is what you should expect them to give you as a test if they do any drug testing.

Blood Test

You can detect cannabis in the blood for up to two days. In some cases, with chronic users, it may be detected up to 25 days. It’s detected in the blood in only a few seconds because it’s distributed around the body, and then some of it is reabsorbed into the blood before the body breaks it down. The metabolites stay in the bloodstream for a couple of days.

Weed Saliva Test

Another test is the saliva test, although this isn’t as common. The police will use this as a roadside test if they want to test you for drugs but not as much in the work environment. In a chronic user, weed is detectable up to 29 days in those that use it occasionally, around three days.

Cannabis Hair Test

When you test using hair, the follicle can show weed up to 90 days after you have used it. Hair grows slowly, so it’s detectable up to three months or so thanks to the follicles. The hair follicles have small blood vessels, and trace amounts of cannabis stay in them for a long duration.


How Long Does it Take for Cannabis to Metabolize?

THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive ingredient that causes the high we experience. This gets absorbed into the bloodstream. The fat in the tissues stores some of it, and then this is reabsorbed back into the bloodstream. The liver breaks down the THC; there are over 80 metabolites, and drug tests look for these. Your body metabolizes, and the THC will eventually go out of your system.

There are different times for this excretion process. Your age, gender, and BMI determine this. How much weed you consume and how often you use it will also be a factor. It takes longer to metabolize if you use marijuana frequently. Cannabis that has a higher THC content will also take longer to metabolize in the body. If you ingest the weed and don’t smoke it, this may also make impact the length it takes to metabolize in the body.

Can You Metabolize Weed Quickly?

You don’t have much say in how long it takes weed to metabolize in your body. It takes time for THC to breakdown, and it is not much you can do to speed the process up. A proper diet, exercise, and hydration will help a little. There are weed remedies and detox kits you can buy, but most of these don’t help you very much. You need to take these herbal remedies with water, but their effectiveness is not that great. You need to give wed time to exit the body once you consume it.

How Does Cannabis Impact the Body?

After you smoke cannabis, you’ll feel the impacts of it within 15-30 minutes. It will take 1-2 hours if you ingest it. THC is the ingredient that provides the “high” in cannabis. Other effects may include:

  • Being more talkative or laughing often
  • Being positive and relaxed
  • Altered time perception and senses
  • Less coordination and focus
  • More sleepiness
  • Hunger
  • A faster heartbeat
  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Confusion
  • Restlessness
  • Feeling sick or faint
  • Anxiety or paranoia

It can take a couple of hours for the effects to wear off. Insomnia may last for a few days. If you use it regularly, some impacts of the drug may last longer. For some, the effects may last weeks or months even after they quit using it for those that are heavy cannabis users.


Cannabis may stay in your system for a few days or months. It all depends upon how much you use and when you last took it.  This will also depend upon the type of testing done to detect cannabis.

If you think that you’re going to be tested, you will need to stop using cannabis or don’t consume that much before the test. Testing can be random, so your detection risks are high.