How To Grow Marijuana


Do you want to grow marijuana? Whether you need to grow it as a business venture or for personal use, these guidelines will help you grow cannabis indoors like a pro in no time, with surprising results.

Marijuana can be easily grown because it grows fast like a weed.  It can also be produced in less than ideal conditions, making it easier to handle, especially for beginners.

Using professional growing techniques and efficient technology you can grow and harvest high-quality marijuana indoors in any scale; from one pot to a large indoor greenhouse.

Part 1: How to Choose the Best Strains & Seeds

Marijuana has many strains, and therefore seeds should be selected based on the desired results you’re looking for.  You can buy them online or collect them from existing marijuana plants. Healthy seeds are firm with a streaked pale brown colour. Unhealthy seeds are usually black.

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Part 2: How to Set up your Cannabis grow Space

A grow tent should be set up in an enclosed space like a closet or cellar. Grow tents can also be ordered online. They should have vents for air to enter and leave and should be wired for electricity. You can provide proper ventilation for your plants by setting a fan within the tent. It should also be able to contain and disperse good lighting for all the plants. Light is crucial in a grow tent. Proper lighting will give you a big harvest. For this, you can use LED or HID lamps. HID lamps are cheaper, but unlike LED lamps, they use up more electricity. 

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Part 3: Propagation – How to Grow from Seeds or Clone from a Plant

Plant the seeds into pots containing damp, good quality garden soil. You should ensure that the seeds are only lightly covered with dirt so they can sprout easily. The seeds will germinate after a few days and should then be put under the light. Water them regularly but take care not to overwater your seedlings. Making drain holes at the bottom of the pots will drain out excess water.

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Part 4 How to Set up Proper Air Flow – Ventilation

Fresh air and proper exhaust are vital to a successful grow.  You need to replicate a warm climate with fresh, soft air to give your plants the ideal Growing environment.

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Part 5– Let there be light! How to Choose Proper Grow Lights

You must have good lighting when growing indoor to get the best possible yield. The more lights your plants get, the bigger they will grow!

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Part 6: How to use Water, Nutrients and Fertilizers to Maximize your Harvest

Setting up the right water system with extra nutrients is one of the keys with plant growth. To boost growth, yield and ensure your plants are healthy and robust, mix fertilizers in water and water the shoots with it. Never apply undiluted fertilizer directly onto the soil or plant as that will kill it. The best time to apply fertilizers is about 2-3 weeks after sprouting. Light-coloured leaves are also a sign that the plants are unhealthy and need fertilizers. As with water, never use too much fertilizer to avoid killing the shoots.

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Part 7: Monitoring their Vegetative Growth

It’s a good idea to monitor the plants and regulate light and water. While in the vegetative stage, provide the plants with 16-18 hours of light. Healthy marijuana plants will multiply and produce dark green leaves for about 3-5 weeks. This is a sign that all the conditions are right and your plants are growing well. You should also check for bugs and check them by using a mild pesticide.

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Part 8: Understanding the flowering stage

After the vegetative stage, growth slows down, and the plants will begin to produce buds. At this stage, it is vital to provide light for only 12 hours a day. One way to increase yield here is to identify and separate the male plants from the females. You should do this to prevent pollination of the female plant which can reduce your harvest. Identifying males is easy. Look for buds that look like little sacs that hang on the plant. Females have white hair-like buds.

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Part 9: Understanding When and How to Harvest

Understanding when to harvest marijuana isn’t rocket science. The flowering period lasts for about 2-3 months during which the buds continue to grow. When the plants ripen, the buds become brown and hard. They will also have a strong, heavy smell. At that point, it is time for you to harvest. Harvesting marijuana is a simple process. Only cut the shoots at the base, just above the soil. You should be careful to avoid damaging the leaves and leaving the buds stuck to your clothes and fingers.

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Part 10:  Trimming, drying and curing

Almost done! What’s next is to remove the leaves from the buds. Use small scissors and separate the big leaves from the small ones. Also, separate the buds from the plants. The small leaves mostly contain the active ingredients in marijuana and are dried for smoking. Trimming affects the appearance and quality of the final product, so be sure to do it properly.

After trimming, the plants should be dried slowly. A slow drying process improves the quality, taste, smell and preservation of your marijuana. Spread the buds on a dry surface and leave them to dry slowly until the stems snap easily. This will take several days. Avoid drying them too quickly by baking or using an iron. The overall quality of the product will drastically diminish, and you don’t want that.

Cure the leaves after drying. It increases the potency of the active substances in the weed and generally improves flavour. Store them in jars and leave them in a cool place away from direct sunlight. The longer you cure it, the more potent it becomes. Curing can be done for a month or two depending on what you want. At this stage, it can be smoked or eaten.

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There! Now you can grow high-quality weed with high yield even in your closet. Follow these steps and become a pro indoor marijuana grower.