Seed Propagation and Cloning

Reproducing an organism through unnatural or natural processes is what we refer to as propagation. For a marijuana grower propagation is a very happy time. The only other happy times or when you’re harvesting or you find out that your plant is a female one.

Propagation of a plant happens in two main ways. You can create clones from sprouts or cuttings or from germinating seeds. There are advantages and disadvantages to these and both methods require similar equipment.

Seed Popping or Seed Germination

Seeds are the easiest to propagate. There are several different ways you can germinate seeds. They can be dunked in water and then left for 24 hours in darkness. Some people shave the seeds down so there is a thinner outer shell.  Some people simply bury them in the soil and then wait for it to sprout.

The best way to germinate your seeds which almost guarantees that they have proper routing is by using the wet paper towel method. You don’t need any fancy equipment to accomplish this. All you need is a dining plate, seeds, Saran Wrap, and a wet paper towel.

Weed Growing Skills

You need two main skill sets to grow cannabis effectively. You need to have the skill of creating new genetics and replicating the known genetics. When starting new weed plants there are two that you need to know about. The first is growing from seeds and the next is growing from clones.


The pollen from a male marijuana plant pollinates the female and out of this, you get seeds. Seeds are basically an embryo or a tiny plant. Once the seed has the right conditions such as humidity, temperature, and soil it will turn into a full grown marijuana plant. You have to choose your female and male plant and use this process to create new plant variations. The seeds work as our human DNA does. They will turn out a little bit different from their parent plants. By using cloning you can create the exact same plant so you should keep this whenever you decide to start your marijuana plants.


When you cut apart implant you create a clone. This is referred to as vegetative propagation. When you have the right conditions than the cuttings will develop their own roots and then grow into a new plant.

Planting Weed from Clones

Plants contain mostly undifferentiated cells which are called meristem cells. This will then turn into roots, flowers or other parts of a plant. You can also grow from a cutting. New plants are going to be the same as a mother plant and this is called a clone. You want to ensure that the new plant is going to share the same traits, effects, flowers, and gender. This is one of the most popular ways to propagate a cannabis plant. Cloning is more complicated when we talked about humans are animals but in the plant kingdom, it’s quite easy. Here is what you’re going to need:

  • A razor blade that is sharp
  • Plastic or a small glass container that has a growing medium
  • Plastic dome or a spray bottle with some water
  • Rubbing alcohol

Professional Tips

  • You want to have at least one mother plant. This isn’t going to take up a lot of space or provide extra work for you. This plant can be used to create new plants with genetics that are known.
  • Make sure you choose a healthy plant that has traits you like so you can replicate this from cuttings of that plant.
  • The mother plant should be watered well for at least two to three days before you make the cutting. This removes the nitrogen which makes it easier for your new plants to take root
  • You want to use distilled water for your growing medium. Coconut fiber is also good but you can also use materials like Oasis cubes or Rockwool
  • You want to sterilize the razor blades, your hands, and the cutting block with rubbing alcohol before you begin. Please keep in mind that the cuttings are very delicate so you have to take care of them
  • You should choose a growing tip on the plant. You should choose one that has one or two better leaf internodes. The size should be around 3 to 6 in. You should cut a few branches to make sure you get some that grow well

Grow Room for Your Plants

Place a hole in your growing medium and then carefully insert your cuttings into that medium. You need to work quickly and if you do this, you won’t have to spray the cuttings with any water. Be very gentle with the cuttings especially when placing them into the medium as you don’t want to damage them. When you work with the cuttings you want to ensure that they’re going to stay moist until a new root system has developed. It’s important to keep the cutting some moist but not too wet. If they get too wet there will be mold or fungus growth. A spray bottle for water is ideal for this purpose and it should be distilled water. They should be watered every two days and the medium should never get to drive. A dome can help support your plants and a plastic dome is going to raise the humidity.

The cuttings need some daylight so you should have some sunlight or a balanced light spectrum inside. After one week the cuttings should begin to grow some new roots. You should remove the dome at this time to see if your plants can support themselves. Do not remove yellow leaves until the plant has developed good roots. Once the plants have been well rooted they can be moved into the hydroponic system or placed into the soil. Once all of this is complete, you should have a new cannabis plant.

Growing from Seeds

If you want to grow new plants or create one that you haven’t grown before, seeds are what you want to work with. You can easily purchase your seeds from a seed bank. You want a sterile medium for growing seeds so they don’t get impacted by a mold or fungus. The medium should be deep enough so that there is room for the roots to begin growing. Seeds need to be soaked for around two to three hours and water and then placed inside the medium. The seeds need to stay moist and warm and you don’t need to use any fertilizer at this point. Airflow and daylight from the lamps should be enough for this purpose. Watering the seeds are key but keep it moist and not wet. A plastic dome can help at this point. You should get seed popping within five days and then after two weeks all of the seats should be showing.

Planting is around the same for anything that you want to plant. If you want more growth, you may want to use plant fertilizer to help supplement growth. Choose any top cannabis strain to begin growing from seeds.

Being a Professional Grower

The two main ways to create cannabis plants is to grow them from cuttings to cry to grow them from seeds to get new variations or new strains. The best environment for cuttings and seeds is similar. You want to use the same growing medium, containers, dome, lights, and water bottle. They should be kept warm in the most but not wet and have decent lighting. There should be little to no breeze present.

As the cuttings are growing you don’t want to touch them and you don’t want to check on the seeds when they are in the medium. you just need a few days of observation and patients. If you’re able to be patient you will have a new plant it will turn into full clients eventually. To grown cannabis successfully, one skill you definitely need to have is patience.